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Homosexual PS

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Re: minority students event
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Anyone attending a minority students event?  I was invited to one at my top choice and RSVP'd but feel a little odd about it because, while I am an out gay man, I am also a white middle class male.  I'll be a minority at the minority event, which may be an educational experience for me.  I've spoken with outlaw people at the school and they reassured me that it will be cool, that the event is more for parents (as a non-trad that shocked me because the thought of bringing my parents never even crossed my mind).

incognito--I started reading this thread from the beginning and you made a comment on the first page in August 2005 and said "first post! please oh please don't let me get addicted to this site." I couldn't help but laugh when I skipped to this last page, read this comment by you from March 06, and saw that you've made over 270 posts since your first comment. This site is seriously addictive!

I know I know!  It really is only one post a day.  For 271 days.   ;D

And as for the roll call, I'll be at Duke but if you are going to UNC or NCCU also drop me a PM. 

Re: Homosexual PS
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on the roll call --

UC Davis here, anyone going feel free to contact me.


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Re: Homosexual PS
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Any gay people going to Northwestern? I'm starting to get nervous...  I only sniffed out one or two gay people at the admitted student weekend. :-\

Re: Homosexual PS
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Trying.  Waitlisted, but trying, Odaiko.  Clearly we're URM there - put in a good word for me? *grins*

Re: Homosexual PS
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Odaiko - last year Northwestern had close to 10 gay 1Ls. That's a pretty respectable number; don't give up home.

Re: Homosexual PS
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Any lesbians headed to USC or Colorado???  I am leaning toward USC but maybe you could convince me....