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Mature, Minority, Woman, Some legal Experience - Canada or USA

I am south east Asian woman, have a BA (from China) and MBA (from Canada).

- If I want to practice international and business law, will I have a better chance with a USA school than a Canadian, just because USA has more opportunities and business interaction with other countries, especially China in the future, but Canadian is not at the forefront of opening up opportunities.

- Is that right the better the ranking of the school, the better chance to get into large law firm?

- I am very entrepreneurial, if corporate law does not work for me, I would like to get into private practice in business law to serve small/medium business clients? I could not find comparison of the money between large firm and private practice, anyone could suggest?

- Would work experience help? I have somewhat legal experience and business experience.

- Do both USA and Canadian schools have quotas for minorities and/or womean? I know I will be catorized as mature student by most Canadian law school, but what about USA?

- Would graudate degree help? MBA is course based and graded on a strict basis. I have my GPA 3.3 in undergradate and 3.5 for graduate. I will write LSAT in December, estimate it to be around 155.

Any suggestion, thanks. 


Re: Mature, Minority, Woman, Some legal Experience - Canada or USA
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If you want to practice in the states, you should go to school in the states.

All school have quotas for URM (under represented minorities), as asian, I'm not sure if you would fall under that category. Also, I don't think there are special consideration for women, unless they are a female URM.

Big law generally only hires from T14. To get into these schools you need to aim for a 165+ on your LSAT.

Generally, law schools take your undergraduate grades, but a MBA will definetly be an asset. Because all graduate degrees are graded on different bell-curves, most law schools don't really look at the grades, but rather take it as evidence that you are a mature student, who has a lot to contribute to the diverse student body.

HTH and Good luck!


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Re: Mature, Minority, Woman, Some legal Experience - Canada or USA
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It seems to me, from your post, that you would be an international student (someone who needs to obtain an F-1 visa in order to study in the US).

That makes you very diverse.  But there are no official quotas for women or minorities.

You are right, the higher ranked the school, the easier it is to get a job with a prestigous law firm.  But you would most likely need above a 155 to get into one of those firms (Top 20 at best/worst).  On the other hand, they may cut you some slack because English is not your first language.  But they may not.  That is a question for the schools themselves.

Work experience is a bonus, as is a graduate degree, but neither makes you a guaranteed admit anywhere.

I do not know where to find figures regarding private sector self-employment, but know this:

if you need a visa to study in the US, you will need a visa to work here too, which means that you will need an employer to sponsor you, which means that working on your own in the US is out--unless, of course, you can be come a Legal Permanent Resident (green card holder) on some other grounds, such as marriage.