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What law schools specialize in education?

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I've recently started to toy with the idea of attending law school, but want to focus on education law if I were to go.  What law schools specialize in education law?  Where can I go to do more research on this area of law?

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Maybe I am wrong but.... I've never heard of anything called "education law".  I don't think there is such a specialty.  The field of law you may want to get into will be a lot more specific.  For instance if you are interested in education policy you may want to enter a law school that offers an public interest program.  If you are interested in teacher unions and labor issues you would specialize in labor law.  If you want to work with children and families there is family law.  At the end of the day there's nothing unique about the legal relationships that occur in the education field.    

Here's a web site that might help....

When I said there isn't such a thing as "education law" I meant there isn't such a thing as "education law" as a specialty in law school.  Maybe I'm wrong but I've never heard of a program for education law at any law school.

Actually, I believe that Golden Gate University in San Francisco does have a concentration in education law within their JD program.  You might want to check that out.  I also believe that they have some sort of academic center for the study of education law in America.  However, GGU doesn't have that great of a reputation, period!  

I hope this helps.  Take care and have a great day.

Actually, there are programs that have an education specialty and or classes designed for such.  I know that Duke has an excellent education clinic and class.  Alex doesn't seem to have all of the information.  Additionally, there are plenty of jobs to be had by people with a JD (and even a master's in education in your case).  Just think about it...I am not sure what avenue of the educational system you wish to pursue, but you could 1) Work in the Dept. of Education, 2) Work perhaps in public interest representing students who have been expelled from school (which is similar to Duke's program), 3) you could become the Dean of a school (not just law school, but any other type of institution), you could work for a local school district...I could go on and on.  Just do a little investigation and I am sure you can find a program that is for you.  Just don't limit yourself to law classes...branch out if you are able and if you can get your master's at the same time, that's even better.  Duke has a great plan for JD/MA students.  

If you can't tell, I go to Duke and I am a dual degree candidate, though not in education!

Take care and best of luck.


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