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Author Topic: Blackman's success increasing the likelyhood of him dating outside his race?  (Read 12617 times)


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i want to go to Tahiti though.. i want to hang glide....

I figured that it was a honeymoon/regrouping ceremony..but it's going to come right on time.. new home.. new state.. new career... and a happy marriage

scurvy you're doing the damn thing..

now that's a winter break for 1Ls.. i'm jealous :'(

It comes with a stiff price though. We haven't had our honeymoon yet. We've waited so that we could do it as a winter break to re-connect/re-group. I know that first year is going to be hell so, we're trying to do all that we can to ease the strain on our relationship.

You can come along in my suitcase. ;)  ;D  :D
We're not accepting this CHANGE UP in the rules. Period. American presidents have been in the bed with organized crime, corporate pilferers, and the like for years. And all u want to put on this man is that his pastor said "Gotdamn America?" Hell, America.U got off pretty damn well, if you ask me...