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Law grads working as paralegals: Is this true?


I've heard of stories about law grads working as paralegals. Is this true? If yes, is this a common occurence? Under what circumstances? Do you need to go to a top 25 law school to avoid this?

There's, of course, nothing wrong about working as a paralegal. I'm just wondering about career opportunities available to law grads, or the lack thereof.


Okay, first let me start by saying that a lot of lawyers that are paralegals are so for two reasons:

1.  They didn't do clinicals while in school and/or didn't apply themselves enough while doing the clinicals.

2.  They took their bar exam late and need work until they find out if they in fact passed the bar.  I worked in a law firm where most of our paralegals were graduates but didn't pass or take the bar exam yet.  The moment they passed they were given the normal attorney case load.  Or in some cases choose to do paralegal work until they were comfortable with practicing law.  I have seen first hand that what is taught in school is not necessarily applied in the practice of law.

Hope this makes you feel better.  If not anything else it tells you to take the bar asap after graduation and do well at your clinicals.  Different firms do talk and what you do at or for one firm will be mentioned to other firms.  Good luck.


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