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UC Berkely admission chances


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UC Berkely admission chances
« on: July 30, 2003, 03:20:54 PM »

I'm wondering about my chances for admission.  I have a 3.3 GPA but have not yet taken the LSAT.  I'm scoring around 160 on practice tests but, after I take a prep course I'm hoping to raise my score to around a 165.  Do you think this would be high enough to get into UC Berkeley?


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Re: UC Berkely admission chances
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2003, 08:38:24 AM »
Easy answer to a tough question

If you go to this site that I have linked already:

you will see (on average) that:

YOUR numbers
you're prospective LSAT score falls between the 25/75 percentile at UC Berkley (165)   161/168

your UGPA currently 3.3 falls below the 25%    of the 25/75
percentile at UC Berkley (3.3) 3.68/3.90  

however if you have graduated (3.3) then that is what I assume your UGPA is not weighted quite as much as the LSAT  (usually  60/40  LSAT/UGPA) @ berkley but the LSAT can not make up for this discrepancy unless it is exceptional (170+ LSAT score) the conclusion based on this computerized calculations UC Berkley (+ 6 other schools) admits fewer than 10% of its applicants with those credentials.  SO in order to be considered seriously shoot for 170+LSAT and/or shoot for better UGPA (if not already graduated) btw you can look up all sots of schools based on certain GPA LSATS at this site
for example say you get a 172 LSAT (hypothetically) with 3.3 GPA then you will have about a 25% cance of admittance and lo and behold if you do what everyone wants but seldom results in w/ a perfect 180 (highly hypthetical) then and only then with a 3.3 and a 180 you get a 40-60 percent chance at Berkley hopefully if youaspire to be at Berkley you are still an undergraduate getting the game early so that you can remedy the 3.3 so you don't have to kill yourself for a 180
Hope this ifo plus the site help.  It helped me
Don't feel bad I want to go to say... Yale (LOL)
3.9+ GPA and a 170+ LSAT still only gives me a about a 45-65 percent chance of admission whereas UC Berkley is a stone throw away with a 60-80 percent of admission.  You see BVerkley is a great law school with unfortunately high standards much like IVY yale stanford,harard, columbia.  BEST OF  LUCK!!