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Re: Major Choice
« Reply #10 on: July 15, 2005, 01:11:54 PM »
I was also wondering about your choice of academic institutions.  By that I mean did you go to the "best" (most well regarded and well respected) school that you could get into, or did you go to a slightly lesser school in an effort to play the bell curve and get slightly higher marks for admission to law or another grad school?


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Re: Major Choice
« Reply #11 on: July 18, 2005, 11:00:08 PM »
I went to the best school that I got into. At the time, I wasn't sure that I would go to law school (or grad school period), so I wanted the best school behind me. As well, it was the best experience/evironment of my schools, so it really was a no-brainer.

Re: Major Choice
« Reply #12 on: July 26, 2005, 08:39:59 AM »
How hard did you guys find it in terms of getting good grades at your school, especially those of you who attended the "best" school you got into? 

Was it difficult competing against the "top" students there?


Re: Major Choice
« Reply #13 on: August 12, 2005, 09:31:05 PM »
To clarify, I'm interested in securities, competition and anti-trust and megers and aquisitions.

Jeez...! A high schooler knows about all this stuff? Wow.

I happen to work in the securities industry. That said, I think you need to worry about getting through college before you worry about law school. That said, major in something that interests you, and it sounds like economics and finance interest you.

And take a look at the LSAT if you already haven't. One major skill you are going to need on there (and in law school too) is the ability to read fast, understand, and analyze what you are reading. This suggests majors like English and History would be beneficial, and it is apparent that a lot of people with those majors get accepted to law school.

At the very least, read a lot and analyze what you read. Reading comprehension is one skill that is best developed over a long period of time, it's something that's hard to cram for.