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HI, I am writing just to get an opinion of the people that read this board.  I am currently waitlisted at my top choice.  My LSAT and GPA qualify me for this school, but I guess the increase of applications has put me on the wait list.  Both deans of admission have told me my chances for admissions are still good, but seeing as August is coming around I am getting a little nervous.  I have several federal judges who have given clerkships to this school numerous times that are going to call in for me to vouch for me.  One of them is just going to call the Dean of the law school directly.  Do you guys feel this will help me out?  I am very qualified for this school and there are a lot of reasons that I want to go there both academic and personal.  I have not used the connections I have yet because I felt that it was inappropriate, but at this point I am willing to do just about anything.  Please let me know what you think.  Thank you.

The dilemma that you are in, with everything at hand, can only be improved if someone as prestigous as a judge vouches for you. I say do it, and there is no question at all.

But I also think that a letter would really help...being that it would be something concrete that the admissions counselors can hold, look at, etc etc.

Best of Luck!

How is it that you have all of these federal judges willing to vouch for you?

I just do.  They told me that the outlook is good.

Well, feel free to use your daddy's insider connections to weasel your way into law school. The rest of us will have to fall back on the rickety crutch of hard work and our own credentials.   ::)

I am, of course, kidding.  Hell, I'd use influence peddling too if I had any connections worthy of exploitation. In fact, let me know if any of your father's judge friends might like some fresh Maine lobster overnighted to their offices.  ;)

Best of luck.


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