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Got a call today from Southwestern. I'm in the evening program. Beaming with joy.

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First, I'm a student at Southwestern. I know a bit more about the school (UNDERSTATEMENT) than some prelaw. Southwestern is a great school that cares more about providing a quality education than about making money. If they were more interested in making money they wouldn't charge students only about 85% of what it costs to run the place. There is also no bad vibe present. Sure, you can find people who will say bad things about the school, but I also know people at Harvard who complain about the vibe. So it's all relative, and your mileage will vary. I, and all of my friends, are very happy at Southwestern. We all have good jobs this summer. We're all doing well. We like our professors. Please don't post about something you don't know about. You just end up looking like a jerk.

Concerning the bar passage rate, the numbers must be taken in context. Southwestern, unlike many schools, has a thriving night program, part time program, and even a two-year JD program. I don't know the passage rate for each program, but I suspect that the passage rate in the night program is lower than the traditional day program. Supposedly the SCALE passage rate is on par with the overall rate at Loyola or even UCLA. Furthermore, if you look historically, Southwestern's passage rate is actually pretty good. It's always above the State's average. Furthermore, as late as 2001, the Spring passage rate (the best measure to go by, since Feb. takers traditionally do worse overall) was over 70%. Last year it was around 57%, at a time when only about 48% of ALL takers passed. Like many, I wish the numbers were higher. However, I don't bag on the school because its bar passage rate is lower than another school. Everything is relative. Some schools have more people taking the bar at any one time, which skews the results (each person who fails is a smaller percentage of the group). Other schools don't have a night program. It's simply ignorant to base a judgment on a number that is so complicated to analyze.

That's my two cents. Anyone who is thinking of going to law school should give Southwestern a serious look (and should visit the campus). It's a great school with a lot of history, and I'll be very proud to have a JD from Southwestern hanging on my wall in a few short years.

Why are you always defending this school?

Re: Off the Waitlist at Southwestern
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Why not? I love attending Southwestern!

A better question would be to ask the people attacking it why they always do so.