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hey Pancho

hey Pancho
« on: July 02, 2005, 01:50:55 PM »
I just looked at your LSN account, are you allowed to apply to multiple schools ED?

What if you get both decisions around the same time and don't have time to withdraw from ED between decisions?

Re: hey Pancho
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2005, 02:28:23 PM »
I believe all of the schools I will apply to "ED" are non-binding, unlike Georgetown's program.  Correct me if I'm wrong. 

I thought for LSN purposes you selected EA for non-binding Early decision, since that is what EA effectively is.

Re: hey Pancho
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2005, 02:52:34 PM »
No, sorry.  Maybe I should change it.  I just used the terminology from the schools' websites, but I can see how it would cause confusion. 

EDIT: Texas and UVa don't have binding early decisions, but I might have considered that option for UVa, if available. 

Yeah, I'm not really familiar with texas because I'm not going to apply there.

I have no idea what is the "normal" way to do it though.  I just kind of did a double take when I saw two ED options checked. 

I'm also kind of cautious in general about ED because I don't think it significantly helps admissions chances and I think it definitely hurts merit $$$ in a lot of cases.  Why would a school need to throw money at you if they know you are already coming?

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« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2005, 03:37:25 PM »
I agree with your feelings on the binding-ED programs.  I read about Georgetown's and did a double-take because it seemed so unappealing.  Who wants to be tied down like that before they know all their options?!

I think it's mostly for people who don't really know what is going on and think it will help them in admissions.  Also, I think its for the people who are like "Georgetown has been my dream school since I was 14, I will go there even if I got into Yale."

You would be surprised at how many of these people there are.

I really don't get it at schools with both EA and ED.  The only way I could see it helping you is if you might ahve been a yield protect rejection.  If schools are really taht concerned about protecting their yield, then just require like 5 optional essays like Penn and Mich do. 

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« Reply #4 on: July 02, 2005, 05:36:18 PM »
Just out of curiosity, why aren't you applying to NYU or Cornell which both have unbinding EA and seem more appealing to me than some of the other schools you're applying to?

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« Reply #5 on: July 02, 2005, 09:07:26 PM »
I don't think you really need to worry about too many safeties and would say that Cornell is basically a safety with your numbers considering they didn't reject anything with numbers anywhere near that. As far as straying away from NYC, I guess that makes sense. I should probably actually go there at some point rather than just assume that's where I'd want to go. Although I suppose I don't need to worry about that until I retake the LSAT so that hopefully my numbers are actually pretty competitive at NYU and Columbia.