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Ok, help with my GPA. I have 13 credit with a 1.75 GPa, and another 3 credit as a 4.0. I also have 12 credits as a 1.0. Only 12 total of these credit transfer. And my next 120 hours netted me a GPA of 3.45. What approx will be my LSAC cumlative gpa. PLEASE HELP...

Go to the LSAC website.  The registration booklet that you can download online describes how LSAC interprets the types of grades you have received to determine whether or not to include in the final GPA tally.  If you have received an "F," than LSAC includes that, even if you have repeated the course.  If the course was remedial, than LSAC will not factor in that class, but remedial classes must be explicitly stated in your transcript.  W can also hurt your GPA.

Anyway, check it out.  It'll answer many of your questions, but to know for sure just send in your stuff to LSAC.

Buck or anyone;
If you are still out there, how much does a W affect the course and what if you could write an addenedum to explain why you withdrew (passing) and you took it over at a more difficult institution including following classes and aced them both:
My example is:

When I first applied to my undergrad I was rejected for two reasons: I was deficient in foreign Language and lib arts
so I enrolled in a community college and over the summer my results were:
Summer Session I
B in SPANISH 101
A in HUM 250 (LIB ARTS)

SUmmer Session II
W passing with a  B grade but given a withdrawn passing mark (W) in SPAN 102 (eye disorder problem)

Then with these grades I applied to the undergrad and was accepted unconditionally @ University level
then I retook and resulted plus followed:
A SPAN 102
A SPAN 201

Would this cancel out the calculation difference according to law schools or LSAC.  Provided that I was able to prove I was not deficient in SPAN and in fact the only W I ever received was not my fault and I went above and beyond (started college in summer over full time, while 40+ hours a week and got 4.0 GPA for 2 semesters University Level....

What do you think? :D

I think I got it, a W (Passing) is ommitted it doesn't hurt nor help, but a W (Failing) can hurt as it definitely does not help nor is ommitted.  Anybody else have a better theory?


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