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need some advice on PS

need some advice on PS
« on: June 28, 2005, 06:41:00 PM »
I immigrated to the United States from Asia when I was 5 and I've been here ever since. We came illegally but only because the company we used said it was completely legit.. (up until we had to lay down in the back of a car coming across the US/Mexice border) I finally gained US citizenship around 5 years ago after close to 15 years of no medical care and fear from deportation.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on how the adcomms would look at my illegal immigration.

I've heard every "border-jumpin" joke so please refrain from those if possible.

Re: need some advice on PS
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2005, 07:09:51 PM »
the advice someone gave me was "if you have survived any sort of drama, use that." it sounds like a cool story, and since you were a minor and were following your parents lead its not like you were at fault or had much of a choice. i think it shows that you have a "unique" perspective among law school hopefuls. the fact that you eventually did obtain legal citizenship is the only reason why i say it would be a neat topic to write your ps about. im not going to say you wont offend someone with the ps topic, but overall it could be really cool. like some places seem to be more friendly to illegals than others, but in the end the situation was rectified so you shouldnt have too many problems. of course thats the same with any ps topic i suppose, unless you go for an ultra boring topic which isnt fun for anyone. and i think it really depends on how you present your story. if i had a story like that and i didnt think it would mess with my bar admission i'd write about it for my ps. hope that helps a little.

Re: need some advice on PS
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2005, 09:36:50 AM »
I think this is a great topic for your PS.  You were 5 years old at the time you came to America, so I wouldn't think the AdComm would hold you accountable for those actions, as much as your parents (if anyone).  However, I that you have gained citizenship I think you're in the clear.

This story would be a great way to get across to the committee who you are as a person and where you came from, while at the same time providing a great story.  I would also tell some of it as a narrative, not only using first-person:  "The car began to head for the Mexican border and was almost there, when a man shouted to duck down behind the seats." (For Ex.)