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I have been preliminarily thinking about possible topics.  For my safety schools I will plan to write a conservative, ordinary personal statement.  But for my reach schools, I am thinking of ways to grab their attention.  I have an Alcohol Related arrest which has since been expunged.  But an explanation at some point will probably be necessary in the application, so I have thought of playing the recovering alcoholic card.  I believe I can justify things such as criminal history and meteocre grades while presenting an intriguing story.  Furthermore, I will be able to touch on my weaknesses without highlighting them.  So even though I may be an alcoholic, I am in no means recovering.  Admissions doesn't need to know this.  But nevertheless, it can make for an eye-catching PS.  But the question I have is, will admission look down upon alcoholism?  Or will they accept recovery and see it as a positive attribute to my character?  I would appreciate any input.


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do you honestly see a persuasive parallel between alcoholism and one's success in law school?  if so, write on! but, i would think that you would have something more applicable to your desires to go to law school or your ability to do well in law school which would appeal to the admissions committee.


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overcoming personal difficulties can definitely help you.  keep in mind these schools see the same cookie cutter applicants day after day.  you can play the recovery card and it just might help with those reach schools.  you just have to tread lightly as you dont want to come across like you are prostituting a serious personal problem that you have overcome. it may be most helpful if you can somehow minimize it, while tying it into your story.  in other words, if you can write your personal statement in such a way that the reader can infer you have overcome this problem, without getting into the whole, "i am a special person because i recovering"... you get the idea.  just my opinion, but you also have to consider with the number of applicants, you likely wont be the only person with this issue applying to a given law school.  you dont want your PS to read exactly like every other person in recovery.  thats why i say minimize it but allow it to be inferred.