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I'm hoping to go to law school in the fall of 2003.  Where can I get my hands on environmental law school rankings.  I can't find anything that has to do with environmental law schools in particular.

Anyone out there in environmental law?  What do you think of it?

i think northwestern is number one and i know that vermont law school is definitely number 2 for environmental law. check us news & world reports website. They have a special category for environmental law rankings.

According to US News & World Reports:

1.  Vermont Law School  
2.  Lewis and Clark College (Northwestern) (OR)
3.  Pace University (NY)

According to

1. Lewis and Clark College (Northwestern)
2. Vermont Law School
3. Pace University in New York
4. Stanford University
5. University of Maryland
6. University of California–Berkeley
7. University of Pennsylvania
8. University of Texas
9. Georgetown University
10. Northwestern University
11. George Washington University
12. University of Colorado–Boulder
13. Yale University
14. University of Oregon
15. New York University
16. Duke University
17. Boston College
18. University of Denver
19. University of Washington
20. University of California–Davis
21. Columbia University
22. Florida State University
23. University of Hawaii
24. University of Utah
25. Golden Gate University in San Francisco

There is also a ranking site that goes into great detail I believe it is called Leiter or Liefer soemthing like that I would search for that one in particular for your answers.  :)


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