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June 9th Lsat Score In - Advice wanted...


First time poster,  Just got my LSAT score back and I'm horribly disappointed.  I scored a 148, which is about 5-7 points below what I was averaging on my last 5 practice tests.  I'm not too keen on taking it again, but I'm confident I would score between a 150-155 were I to go ahead and take it.

Is it worth taking again?  I am currently a legislative assistant on capitol hill and am sure my personal statement and letter of rec's will be excellent.  I'm going to apply to alll DC area law schools - any hope of getting in with such a dismal score?  Thanks in advance.   [Roll Eyes]

GPA - 3.1

I got my score and it was the same as my last 3 prep tests.  Apparently I peaked 4 weeks before the test at a 163.

Quick bit of advice (though I may not be the best person to hear it from).

I was planning on going to law school years ago, after a short stint on the Hill.  I had similar grades and LSATs to you.  I applied to a bunch of schools and basically didn't get in anywhere I wanted to go.

I found out that working on the Hill didn't have as much cachet as I thought it would.  

I seem to think that 150 is some sort of threshold to strive for.  I'd take it again and hope that the school ignores the earlier one.  With your Hill experience they are likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Thanx for the responses.  I've decided to start putting my applications together and study dilligently for the october exam as well.  I'm confident that I can improve my score - besides, worst case scenario is that I will cancel my score if i don't feel comfortable and wind up transferring from a 4th tier after a year.  

Sounds like you got it all figured out just do well wherever you end up and you'll be fine.


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