Law School Discussion


Will you continue to be on LSD after your LSAT score/law school admission?

Sure, it's a great place to exchange war stories/info
10 (38.5%)
Maybe, if other people I "know" will be here
2 (7.7%)
No, I got what I needed from this site and am ready to move on..
11 (42.3%)
Definitely NOT, I will be a 1L, I won't have time to be here!!
3 (11.5%)

Total Members Voted: 19

Voting closed: June 24, 2005, 08:54:52 AM

Will you continue to use LSD once you get your LSAT score/LS admission?

Just a poll for fun.


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Yeah, I added it in "links" on internet explorer so you know I'm serious about this site!

Unlikely, except perhaps to check in from time to time.


When I was acctepted, I just moved over to the Students & Graduates site.  I still come back and see what people are talking about from time to time though.

This is what is unique about this board...turnover rate.  It's only useful for a year or so.


Yes because I'm really bored at work a lot and this site entertains me.