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New Basement Apartment - PO Box?

New Basement Apartment - PO Box?
« on: June 23, 2005, 06:13:16 AM »
I just secured an apartment for law school.  It is in the basement of a woman's house and the area is safe and conveniently located.  I was a little weary about renting a basement apartment at first, but I have found out that in the area I will be in, that is very common.

The woman seems very nice and is almost as excited about me going to law school as I am (especially b/c she obtained her undergrad degree from the same school).  My question is this.  When applying for jobs and stuff, I will want to make sure I get EVERY envelope/correspondence that comes back to me.  While I don't think she would do anything, she has two teenage sons and she gets home at 8 pm every night, so they will be getting the mail.  My question is, should I consider getting a PO Box?  They are not that expensive, or do they not look "as good" on a resume?  This may be a silly question, but any input would be appreciated.  Thanks  :)


Re: New Basement Apartment - PO Box?
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2005, 11:51:25 AM »
From an employers standpoint, I doubt it would make much difference one way or another. In fact, with such a variety of living arrangements, I'm sure its a lot more common than you'd think, and the law firms or other potential employers might note your good sense in getting a reliable mail situation set up. Or, you could be right. But I think its a good idea to get the PO box, as long as its not costing you an arm and a leg.