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Shopping While Black--- Doesn't matter if you are a billionaire


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Re: Shopping While Black--- Doesn't matter if you are a billionaire
« Reply #150 on: July 07, 2005, 06:20:21 PM »
First of all, bringing an animal into a restaurant or a grocery store is disgusting. There is food there and the dog's hairs, etc doesn't need to be around the food. If this resturant was in CA then they were following the law. In CA, there's some law on the books prohibiting animals from resturants, etc. I worked in a deli for a short period in snotty Brentwood and we would bring up the law when people would try to come in with their dogs. Especially the people with the small dogs that can be put in a purse or bag.

The argument from her camp seems to be that if it were a white celebrity, they would have been allowed in.  That is completely false.  Uncommon to popular belief, even white celebrities aren't allowed to do whatever they want.  Since Gayle King used Britney Spears as an exapmle, I will reiterate the one I gave a few weeks ago, when Britney, a long time customer of the resturant in question, wasn't allowed to bring her dog to dine.  Just a few weeks ago, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson weren't allowed into a party because there was a mistake on the guest list.  Despite their demands, they had to go somewhere else. 

Frankly this situation makes Oprah look like an out of touch celebrity, while the real victims of racial profiling suffer on.  It reminds me of when Kobe Bryant quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. during his rape trial.