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LASIK, anyone?

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Anybody get LASIK? Know anyone that has?

Info/experiences would be appreciated!

My dad got it - went from being almost legally blind without glasses to being able to drive without glasses.  He loved it!  Also, one of my co-workers had it and really liked it.  Only complaint I've heard (from a third person that had it) is that you can smell burning when they do it and that it almost made her sick.

i need it...many of my friends had it, and i know there's a very small chance of problems, but i'm so scared because i know of two people that had complications. 

1)  i have one that for some reason, they corrected her vision a lot, but in one eye, she still has to wear contacts.  like as if they couldn't correct it all the way.

2)  also, i have an older friend (it might be age related), that got it, and he's nearly blind from it. Has to wear coke bottle glasses now.

I would wait for the next generation of custom-lasik surgery.
I have a friend who is an opthamologist and he said that he is seeing more and more people that have to get fit with contacts AFTER their lasik treatment.

Before you get it - I would definately consider the age and need aspects.  If you are 90, you might not want to wait for the next generation to come out.  Also, if you are legally blind, you might not have much to lose however if you are only sorta blind, you could.  Another thing I have heard is that your eyes need to have stopped changing - or at least really slowed down.  If your prescription is changing every six months, I don't think most doctor's will do it.  One other thing I have heard - don't go to the LASIK surgery centers that do it really cheap.  If you do it, go to the best even if it is the most expensive.  I think it can only be done once or twice and then you are stuck with the results.


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