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Results of my drunken LR section

Results of my drunken LR section
« on: June 09, 2004, 01:44:22 AM »
The first time I ever took a LR section, I got every one right.  I've never done that again.  I've made huge strides on logic games, and am pleased with my progress on RC, but I've gotten f-ing WORSE at LR.

This morning, I woke up, and as planned, took two real LR sections from an early test that I hadn't seen before, both strictly timed.  I thought I did really well, but of course not.  I got 3 wrong on the first and 5 wrong on the second.  So what to do?  Well, I reviewed my mistakes, furrowed my brown, slapped my forehead, and then decided to take the rest of the day off from LSAT.

So I went out, had dinner with a friend who was in town, and had several glasses of sangria. More than half a pitcher. Mmmm... it was good.  My tolerance has dropped precipitously since college, so I was wasted when I came home at midnight.  The first thing I did when I got home was take a piss.  Then I decided not to take off the whole day from LSAT, and I sat down to do a drunkien LR section, timed.

Well, I got 3 wrong.  I thought I only got two wrong, but it turns out I was so spaced that I forgot to do the last page.  I knew that I shouldn't have been able to finish in 33:40 after a night on the town.  So I did the last two questions, got one wrong and one right and finished 22/25.

That's not not my best, but according to my database (yes, I'm obsessed) it's .916667 better than my practice test average.  WHAT THE @#!*?  Should I bring a flask of Jim Beam to the LSATs on Monday?  This makes no sense, why can't I think straight, how can I get better on two sections but get worse on a third that I've practiced twice as much?  Why haven't I got any better, why am I worse?  Why am I still drunk?