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Kenneth Burger:
When I was 19 I joined the Air Force, and after being in for about 2 weeks decided that the physical and emotional stress of being in the service was too much for me.  I sought a way to get out and tried numerous ways (claiming numbers, almost attempted suicide, etc.).  Well, the way I finally got out was that I stupidly lied and told them I did drugs one time before entering the service.  This got me discharged from the service via. entry-level separation (NOT dishonorable).  The problem I'm worried about is that most law schools ask on their apps if you've ever been in the military and if so were you discharged under other than honorable conditions.  Obviously I have to answer yes to both these questions and submit a written statement explaining the circumstances.  My question is, should I even bother applying to any of the top 35 law schools even if I score high on the LSAT, which I expect to from practice tests I've taken?  Am I correct in assuming that they're going to look at that part of the app and toss me aside right away because of this?  It was a stupid thing I did when I was a teenager and I'd hate to have a possible future as a lawyer destroyed by past stupidity.  I've matured significantly since then and am able to take a lot more stress than I could then, but I just get the feeling that this is going to be a major black mark on my record.

This may affect admissio the real concern, however lies in the fact that you may also not be able to practice law (i.e. take the MBE [Multi-State Bar Examination] You may want to research this further to clarify some things for yourself. It could be just a slap on the wrist withno panilization necassary since you were in your youth. Who knows?

Kenneth Burger:
Thanks for your reply.  Actually I've spoken about this with several lawyers since I posted this, all of which seem to think that it won't prevent me from practicing law.  Most believe that I may have to go before the character and fitness board to explain myself, but that if I'm honest and straightforward and show good candor that I should have no problems getting admitted into the bar.

That is correct, I am glad your dreams wouln't be crushed over something that you did as a teenager, although untrue is still something hat people will speculate.  Good luck in all that you hope to accomplish. I have great confidence that you become an exceptional attourney.  ;D


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