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OK I went to an Ivy League university and graduated with a 3.40 (with honors).  I double majored in both Political Science and International Relations.  I was involved in a great deal of extra-curriculars and was a national officer of an organization.

I have been working as a government consultant since graduation in 1998.  I also took some time from consulting to work on a judicial fellowship for a year with the State of California.

Unfortunately I got a 156 on the LSAT.

I was hoping to apply to Georgetown, GWU, Northwestern, Notre Dame, BU, BC, and Vanderbilt.

I'm hoping to get some feedback on my chances.  Any advice and/or ideas are greatly apprecaited.

Thank you. :)

Imho, with a 3.4/156, those schools are going to be reaches. Your extras and Ivy degree might help you, but I'm not sure they'd be able to change a whole lot.

I'd say your chances at GULC, Vandy and NWU are going to be pretty low given their medians. BC, I hear, look for 3.5/160s.

BU is notoriously LSAT heavy. They do seem to give Ivy grads some leeway but its usually in the GPA department and not LSAT. BU is getting into "we're going to cut class size and be more selective to raise rankings" mode so they might be more critical about the lower LSAT.

I have no experience with ND . . . can't help ya there.

Good Luck! :)

:D :D :)

Thanks Jube!

They are reaches but not impossible right?  

All I hope to do is get my foot in the door.  I have a lot of unique experiences (more than I've already revealed) and hope to be able to get my essay and resume read by the law schools.  I just hope that the adcomms will read my app and not just toss it.  Right now ND is my safety and I'd be very content going there.  The schools I mentioned earlier are just my first round.  I want to see if I get any responses from any of them, then I will apply to another three or four schools.  

Let me know if you have anything else to add.

Thanks  :D

I refuse to say anything is impossible. ;) Every case is different so it's hard to generalize and say you'll never get in.

That said, realistically, unless ND is the lowest you're willing to go, I'd go for a lower safety. Schools in the middle of the Tier 1 pack tend to be gungho about raising their rank (cuz they're soooo close to breaking top 25) so they tend to be less lenient about numbers, esp. the LSAT.

Have you thought about retaking the LSAT?

I'm outtie. TTYL! :)

Hi there!
This is for all of us who don't have additional time to prove ourselves on the LSAT.  I had a 152/3.5 and graduated from Florida International University w/honors. I was admitted into Fordham, Tulane, Florida State Univ., Univ. of Miami and Stetson Univ.; as well as offered fin. aid. The best advice I can give is try your best, apply to all kinds of schools (1st, 2nd, and 3rd tiers) so you're left with options, and prove yourself in other ways (personal stmt, activities, work exp, etc.)  I personally did not have the time to do every single LSAT exam issued and the assignments that went along with the Kaplan course, while working and attending school full time, so I focused on sending out perfect applications.  It's important you stay positive, it will reflect in your application and I firmly believe make you stand out! :) Goodluck everyone!


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