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the one drop rule?

..... ;)

although i'm not sure if this applies to API [which i am, too].


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Yeah it's not a clear topic, with too much politics around it to have many constructive conversations. As far as for my situation, I can't find a reason why i should mark "white". I mean it's silly enough to list Filipino as one race, as anyone who has been to the Philippines knows it's a racially diverse country (thanks Spain). I mean it is my majority ethnicity, why should I have to make this change?

I don't think it's morally bad for you to mark yourself as "Fillipino" because that's a significant part of your heritage.

Also, the fact that Spain brutally colonized for Phillipines is not your fault, and you should at least be able to take advantage of it in law school apps..........

I'm chinese though and i heard it's actually harder for asians with equal #s to all the other "races"...oh while...

long live yellow peril!



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As far as I understand it, ethnicity is a matter of pure self-identification.  If you believe that you are  Filipino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hisanic, African-American, whatever, then you are.  It doesn't matter what you look like.  It's optional anywway, and it comes with an "Other" box, usually.  So if you don't like your choices on the application, you can leave it blank, or make your own category.  If you really feel a need to make clear the reasons for which you identify as Filipino, simply include a short addendum explaining why you choose to self-identify as such.  Take care.


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Maybe this would be better answered on the minority board ...?

As an answer, though, it's probably going to depend on who you ask. It's a different case with each race and/or ethnicity. However ... either way you go, you probably won't get too much of a boost in your application (just in case you were wondering). Asians in general don't get the same AA consideration other races/ethnicities do; the only possible exceptions are generally in the case of refugee status, or a socioeconomically disadvantaged background/upbringing. Ex: Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, etc. Since you haven't indicated any of this, I'm guessing that you'd probably be removed from any kind of refugee status.

In any event, JD's got it right. Ethnicity's a matter of self-identification, so you can probably check off that box without any guilt. If you want to go into depth about the matter to avoid any confusion, I'd suggest you check off the "white" box too, if possible (some schools let you check off more than one). I'd actually suggest going as far as to include a diversity addendum: can't hurt, and will only likely help.

Good luck!


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I have always identified with, and hence marked on all documents as either Pacific Islander or Filipino when its available, which is not that often. I consider my heritage to be a significant, positive influence in my self identity.

I think you answered your own question. Mark 'Filipino' on the applcation forms, and rest free from guilt.

Lizpendens, that is THE funniest avatar I've seen in a long time.... :D


There was a thread that previously gained a lot of heat for a similar issue. The OP marked Hispanic on his application, but was white. He had indicated that he felt a similar issue to yours. On most of his applications he included a statement regarding his choice of ethnicity in order to not be accused of making false statements in order to take advantage of AA.
(In the spirit of this, you should also probably move this thread over to the minority corner. Nothing gets people more worked up around here then AA issues.)   

I'll see if I can find a link to this thread. You may find it useful. I'm thinking it was around BigTex??? Be careful. An admissions person may look at your application and expect to see someone of Malay ancestry, with all the stereotypical physical trappings that are included. When they eventually encounter someone looks lily white they may have issues.

BTW Camus. I am Filipino and let me tell you...
The Filipino ethnicity/culture confuses most people, and the rest simply do not care. You cannot separate the Eastern from the Western in Filipino culture without the whole thing falling apart.

You are painted with the broadest brush of the Asian category. No one cares about the historical diversity in the islands. Trust me bro... no one really cares. We could mark so many categories if we could bring in all the different cultures that make up the fabric of the Filipino Heritage.

What people see first is the Malay/Indonesian physical traits. The Indian, Chinese, Arabic, European, and American influeces go right over peoples' heads.

Hispanics usually neither know, nor care about the heavy influence of Spain, Spanish, or Mexico in the Philippines and vice versa. They have also forgotten that Filipino immigrants in the Central Valley helped to form the United Farm Workers Union, and were a strong part of the IWW labor reforms in the '20s.

Europeans usually neither know nor care about the heavy German Lutheran missions, French Sugar plantations owners, Spanish haciendas, Portuguese fisherman/ranchers (that stayed instead of going to Macau, Irish traders and sailers that jumped from English ships, Dutch traders, or English clippers that make ports of call on the way to China and India. Filipinos are used to hearing idiomatic Filipino flowing from the lips of the most Aryan. Luckily, many of these people also feel the same as you and claim Filipino heritage to the core.

Americans have forgotten that the Philippines was included in the same Manifest Destiny that saw the expropriation of Indian (First Nations) land. People forget that Howard Taft, the former colonial Governor of the Philippines, made continued exploitation part of his agenda as president. The "Philippine Insurrection" was seen as a continuation of the "Indian Wars" and yet was a precursor to later actions in Viet-Nam. (Asian guerillas, angry white folks, participation by less then enthusiastic black soldiers...)

Camus...mark Filipino on your Application...but please...please... include an essay that specifially discusses the importance that your heritage has on your worldview, personality, and what experiences will add to the law classroom. I would go as far as to include some statement/disclaimer regarding the discrepancy between your skin and your heritage.

Good Luck.


with that and a top LSAT score...

HYS here you come.

Thanks Clone. I appreciate it, but I'm already in at the program that I want. *whew  ;)

Camus: Here are the links that discuss that similar issue to yours. Other interested people should also read the links. There was some dodgy scary stuff going around about this issue not to long ago. This was a big discussion topic during the end of the last application cycle. It sounds like many of you are part of the early birds for the upcoming cycle so this may be new and pertinent.

There was some unethical behavior regarding cross-referencing your LSD name and account with your law school numbers account. As a result BigTex was denied admission to (BigLawSchool)because an AdCom at another school informed (BigLawSchool) about racial discrepancy issues similar to Camus'...,27879.0.html,27972.0.html,28007.0.html,28170.0.html - Javert's response - Response from (BigLawSchool)

As a result of all this, I have removed any information that could be used to identify me to any AdCom. I have also nuked my LawSchoolNumbers info, and deleted any inflammatory postings.

Paranoid... maybe.
Good reason for paranoia...perhaps.
Is this public internet forum secure? ... No, assume anything you say can be used against you in the court of public opinion and apparently in the Admission Commitees

Good Luck.


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