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Should I pursue a girl that my friends don't really like?

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So this girl likes me (so I hear), and I think I'm starting to fall for her. I might want to pursue something with her, but all my friends think she is annoying. She tends to talk a lot, but in a way, I kind of like that because I am on the quiet side, so it seems to work out. We have a lot in common, she is smart, she can make me laugh, and when we are alone, we talk about some pretty intimate things (family, life etc) which is normally hard for me to do with most people...I dunno...I just like the girl.  It just feels so weird to have all your friends bad mouthing her though (they don't really know that I'm into her). What would you guys do?

Who's dating her?  You, or your friends?

If you really feel a connection with this girl, go for it.  Your friends may get to know her better and like her more.

And even if they don't, and down the road you really, really feel that this is a big issue, then you can decide what to do from there.  But to not try, and miss out on something that could be the best thing to ever happen to you becuase you were worried your friends wouldn't my book, that'd be regret, with a capital R.

hell no don't date her.

Bros before hos, dude

hahaha. my sentiments exactly. i gave him the same exact advice on one of his other many threads of the same name.

--- Quote from: thechoson on June 07, 2004, 01:00:30 PM ---hell no don't date her.

Bros before hos, dude

--- End quote ---

Geez, show some cojones and make your own decision. No one here can tell you how to live your life, nor should you want them to.


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