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What should I do?


I wanted some opinions please.  

I applied to a law school last Fall.  I was not happy with my LSAT score so I am taking it again.  Should I send in all of my materials now, with my old LSAT score or wait for the results of my next one?  I do not want to pay for an extra report from LSAC or make my application look bad.  

That all depends on what schools you were/are applying to versus your old LSAT score and your anticipating (what you can guess) LSAT score. This will help determine what you should actually do given the circumstances that you are in. Post back in order to give some insight into these questions so I may further assist you   ;D

I only applied to one school.  It is the only school I will apply to this year.  I am taking a prep course to improve my score and hopefully have enough to get into the part time program.

I am just settled at the moment. I own a house here, have a good job, and would also like to attend the law school here.  My lsat scores are 6 to 8 points off for me to have a really good shot at getting into this school.  

I would send them in anyway as a token of good nature, and to let them know you arenot afraid of the consequences of having a (somewhat) lower LSAT score. Good luck!  ;)


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