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Review of Testmasters weekend course

Review of Testmasters weekend course
« on: June 02, 2005, 04:28:24 PM »
Ive been reading this board for quite some time now but have never had anything relevent to contribute. Now, I do.

I am a student at West Virginia University going into my senior year with a 3.57 (probably 3.5 lsac).  After familiarizing myself with the different prep courses I decided on Testmaster's 16 hour weekend crash course a week prior to the test.

Only three students signed up, and Testmasters was no doubt losing money on it. Just what it would cost to rent out the hotel room, the meeting room, and teacher salary there was no way they could break even. They flew our teacher in from Michigan for the weekend.  He had a 178 and was accepted to harvard, colombia, and michigan among others. Last year i took a practice Lsat with Kaplan under simulated testing conditions - in a lecture hall with a proctor and such - and scored a 164.   I am hoping to break 170 this time.  By the end of the course I could answer 100% of the questions for each type of the problems, which is really the most important thing to be able to do. Speed came with accuracy. I think people tend to concentrate too much on speed which is worthless if your answers are wrong.  The tips he gave for each type of question allowed me to understand the point of view one must think from to score in my target range. I went from missing 6-8 on the reading section to 1-2 and perfected the logic games.

I felt the class was on par with what i was expecting when i signed up for the course. If you are scoring between 145 and 155 it would probably be more beneficial to take a longer course; one that drills those [i/]time tested heuristics [/i] into your brain, but if you are looking for more than cheap tricks to raise your score I would personally recommend testmasters. X
Testmasters guarantees their teachers to be in the 99th percentile or better. A 178 is the 99.96th percentile.  From what i have heard about other testmasters tutors i realized that they probably have some of the best teachers of any of the courses.  The teacher makes the course. It was the little things that werent included in the materials that were the most beneficial. Being able to ask hundreds of questions about any possible deduction that i did not fully understand was invaluable.

Anyways... I figured it was about time that i post something.  Who knows, it might actually be helpful to someone.

R.E.R. WVU '06


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Re: Testmasters weekend course review for june LSAT.
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2005, 05:57:05 PM »
How much did it help your score?

Re: Testmasters weekend course review for june LSAT.
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2005, 08:02:07 PM »
i havent taken the june lsat yet, its on this upcoming monday. I'll let you know, but i would say at the very least 5 points.