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chicago or boalt? help!

Re: chicago or boalt? help!
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As a current Boaltie, I must say that by far the WORST part of my experience there so far is the location.  I hate the area.  Berkeley is dirty, overpriced and cold.  Over the last year, we got more rain than Seattle.  I was wearing a sweater throughout the majority of the summer and was still wearing a coat at the end of April.  Yes, Berkeley has some food variety, but, quite honestly, the quality is lacking the vast majority of the time.  I was appalled to learn that everything in this college town shuts down at 11 o'clock.  If you come out of a bar around midnight or later, you have to drive all the way to El Cerito to get a freaking burger.  Ridiculous!.

Noooooo!!! That's not true!!! The Asian food ghetto stays open until 12 or 2 (can't remember which), and Top Dog stays open until 2 am. La Burrita stays open until 12, too. Then there's that Chinese place on shattuck that never seems to close.

The housing, though, I agree. Way overpriced, and really bad quality. For the same amount that I paid for my tiny studio I could get a quality one bedroom here in Chicago.

those are the exact places i am referring to when i say the food quality leaves much to be desired. 

Illegally Blonde,
I'm a dog person and your puppy is soooo cute! :)

believe it or not, that is an obese pomeranian.  no one believes me when i tell them, because they have never seen a pom that big.

Wow! She kinda looks like a yellow lab puppy in the picture. Same deal w/ our toy poodle though -- he's really stocky and doesn't look like a toy at all. People always look at me w/ a bewildered expression when I tell them what he is.  :)

Re: chicago or boalt? help!
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In the opinion of a complete layman: Looking through most top-50 law school catalogues, it seems that about 55 percent of full-time faculty got their JD at Harvard, 35 percent at Yale, with the rest a shmattering of Michigan, Stanford, Columbia, and Chicago.  So, for academia, it seems that the 2 old dogs still rule the roost, and I'm not sure that it's worth the extra $, all things being equal, to go to Chicago in hopes of landing an academic job.  That said, I think that doing exceptionally well at either Boalt or Chicago would certainly look great when applying for an academic position.

If you were applying for a Ph.D. in PoliSci, or Econ, I would say go to Chicago in a heartbeat (or if English, I would say Berkeley in an instant).  For law, though, I think you'll be fine at either. But -- yeah, echoing previous posts, I'd get in touch with a prof and see what he/she says.