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lsdas gpa


how is it calculated? i don't quite understand how they higher/lower gpas.


the lsdas calculation is somewhat complicated, get a hold of a LSDAS registartion book and look on pages 23-24 there is a detailed explanation including what grades can hurt (like W while failing) and which aren't calculated like colleges that don't calculate those grades into the GPA that are lettered (e.g. W- WP- or O) don't count into the LSDAS GPA calculations, however if you took classes elsewhere than where you have/will graduate(d) such as community college credits, these will be calculated into LSDAS GPA provided the grades of A,B,C,D,(E or F) regular grades were given. Hope this helps you out.  ;D

Hey senior04,

There is an online copy of the LSDAS registration book on the LSAC website.  Go to the Downloadable forms and check out the U.S. Downloadable LSAT Registration Book Text and go to the page numbers that Ivy was talking about.  It is a very detailed description.

Good thinking DJ, I don't recall how descriptive the online version of the registration booklet (PDF flile) is, whether it is a duplicate, or summarized.  Either way it is very much available:

I just happened to have the registration booklet.


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