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The LSAT and Whoring

The LSAT and Whoring
« on: May 30, 2005, 01:48:16 PM »
So, lots of schools are accused of being LSAT whores, which means that they offer admissions for high LSAT scores, just as regular whores offer sex for money.

Most whores have pimps in some form, and can rarely succeed without one (from "American Pimp").  Let's assume for now that law schools have a pimp.

Again, from the movie "American Pimp," we can learn the valuable lesson that "b!tch get no cut!"  That is, the pimp pays for the whore's expenses, helps ensure a steady flow of customers, and receives all of the whore's earnings. 

In the case of law school LSAT whores, the pimp would receive the high LSAT score while the school would offer admission.  But who plays this role of LS Pimp?  One is inclined to propose USNews.  For schools report the LSAT scores to USNews, much as a whore gives a pimp earned income.  But USNews does not take care of the school's expenses.  It only provides the school with more applicants, based on assigned ranking.  This is very pimplike, of course, but it's not enough.  Schools' geographic location will play easily as significant a role (overall).  Same with street corners.  A great pimp will get little business if his whore is on a suburban street corner near a flower shop (think Iowa). 

I am not proposing a tight analysis here, but I am uncertain as to whether "whore" is the appropriate metaphoric title for these schools.  I suspect that "slut" is a better fit.   Can anyone think of a (in my view, much needed) pimp for these LSAT whores?  Otherwise, NYU, for example, begins to look like a bit of a crack-addict.   


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a whore doesn't necessarily need a pimp.  she can be a sole-proprieter and claim the standard deductions under the IRS 1099.

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Most, if not all, whores need a pimp.  I mentioned this in my earlier post.  Any other suggestions?


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i think slut/groupie(or whatever you call those girls who wear nothing and spread their legs willingly to musicians only to be able to say they have) is a more accurate description.  the schools want a high LSAT score and go after it, giving gratification to the supplier in the process (prestige et al., etc)


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Re: The LSAT and Whoring
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maybe lsat junkies would be a good way to describe it. junkies need/really want to get high, and the schools need/really want high lsat scores. junkies need more and more drugs to achieve the same high, and schools always want higher scores and higher rankings


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Alright, here is my 3 and 1/2 cents worth:

I think that the term "LSAT Whore" was used in the same mindset as "crack whore," or in other words, someone who sold their bodies to get a little crack.  (I am NOT speaking from experience!)

Thus, the law schools are selling themselves for a high LSAT score.  Now, to bring the pimp into this may be taking the anology too far, but yes, I think that the various ranking systems, USNews in particular, would be the ones making the Law Schools go slutting around looking for a high LSAT score.

And there, ladies and gentlemen, is the topic for my dissertation.


Re: The LSAT and Whoring
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I think the last two posts, in conjunction, answer my query.