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Does anyone know what agency Access uses when checking credit reports?

I was wonderign becasue my credit score is very differnt depending which agency I use. According to quifax my credit score is horribly 600 but using experian it is a lot better at 680. I hope Access uses experian!!


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It depends on what part of the country you live in.  They told me this when I talked to them on the phone.  Call and ask. 

But frankly, it sounds like you will probably get the LIBOR + 3.75 rate regardless.  One the other thread we pretty much figured out that a person had to have at least in the mid-700's to get the highest rate.  And I doubt, although I could be wrong, that 600 is low enough to make them require that you have the LIBOR + 6.75 rate with a co-signer.  I think you have to have pretty poor credit for that.