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McGill Vs. USA School if one wants to practice in USA


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McGill Vs. USA School if one wants to practice in USA
« on: May 22, 2005, 06:09:33 PM »
Guys, I am thinking about applying for Mcgill, specially for the french system. At the same token, I must come back to work in USA. It sounds like most of you advice if one wants to work in usa, it's better to stay in usa.
I sent an email to Mcgill, here what I receive.
Thank you for your interest in McGill's Faculty of Law.
As you probably know, the LSAT is not request at our Faculty. If you have already a good GPA and an interesting résumé, a strong LSAT will just confirm what the Admissions Committee will see in your file. However, a weak score can hurt your application, even if a little importance is given to this test. I can only tell you that around 50% of the admitted
applicants have done the LSAT, once or many times to improve their scores. As well, I can tell you that we have 170 places available and we have received last year 1 340 applications and 1 500 this year.

I cannot tell exactly how many students from United States we have in our class, because for us the international students come from everywhere outside Canada. However, they represent 7%. McGill University calculates his GPA on a 4.0 basis, so usually it is really easy to compare with American University. Some University work completely differently, and we can show it to our most experienced professors to understand those transcripts. There is as well a lot of resources on Internet and even in the University registrar if it still a problem to have a good idea of the academic performance of a candidate.

We calculate the GPA for the Bachelor degree, and another one for the Master. However, I must tell you that for us it will not change a lot of thing, because most of the graduate candidates have similar results and it could be difficult to compare them with the other undergraduate candidates, especially because there is only one category for them and the
graduate ones.   

Work represents an involvement in the society and a capacity to handle responsibilities, but the Admissions Committee looks more to your intellectual capacity and to your curiosity about law. If you cannot make links between what you have done at school, at work and what you would like to do with law, these kind of experience will not have necessarily an amazing weight in your file.

The age have a meaning, but only at 30 years old and more. At that time, you will be considered as a mature applicant and will have the chance to meet some professors for an admission interview, but 28 years old don't change anything in your application.   

We ask for a minimum of two academic references, but if you want to add a letter from employer, it is fine. However, you must know that the Admissions Committee wants to have an idea of you as a student and not as an employee.

Linguistically, applicants are required to be able to read and
understand French as well as English. Since we offer a combined Civil and Common Law programme, the require texts are both in French and English. Any written or oral work, however, may be rendered in either language.
There are the reasons why the bilingualism really matters.

For more information about our programme, the admissions process and admissions criteria, please visit our web site, and feel free to contact me again.

Best regards,
Isabelle Lemelin
Faculty of Law - Faculté de droit
Admissions Office - Service des admissions
McGill University - Université McGill 
I am thinking about going for it guys, those who have great experiences, give me your point of view, or would you advice me to take the JD and take something else in Canada for the sake of improving my french professionaly.
your comments/advice will be well taken into consideration


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Re: McGill Vs. USA School if one wants to practice in USA
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2005, 11:09:00 AM »
In terms of comparison to US schools McGill is up there- I'd say about equal to top 25 for reputation. Also, McGill is probably the only Canadian law school where you will still get a good job down here. A lot of NYC firms recruit there. You may be limited on which states you can practice in so I'd check that out. On the other hand you can't beat living in Montreal. Cost of living is low- I had a small one bedroom apt right in the student ghetto for only $440/mo. Beer is abnormally high in price though.