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A funny idea

A funny idea
« on: May 22, 2005, 03:30:02 PM »
I an under the impression that the LSAT test is a test where the score one receives is relative to the scores of others. What if one was to flood the test with people who do as poorly as they possibly can to inflate their own score? On average, how many people write this exam? Does this exam come to its relative score on a local level, national level or international level? Does one even need to have any sort of education to write this exam?

If it is the case that there are no pre-reqs to write the exam, the homeless may enjoy a small reward in return for sitting inside for  a few hours. If each person that went to write the test brought like 10 homeless people or more with them, the relative score would be lowered. Instead of spending money on Kaplan or something similar to that, the money spent on the homeless people's exam writing fees would (from what I understand) guarantee a higher score. Clearly, 10 homeless scores aren't going to change the relative score greatly as well as the notion that every person will do this, but if 20% of the test writers (this is where I am wondering whether it is local, national or international) brought 10 people or more with them that planned on intentionally failing the test, it seems logical that the relative score would change.

Re: A funny idea
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Oh, and would the value of a score lower (let's say 170) if a greater quantity of people applied with it?