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Test 24: Section 2, Question 8 (LR)

Test 24: Section 2, Question 8 (LR)
« on: May 12, 2005, 06:05:15 AM »
Sociologist: The claim that there is a large number of violent crimes in our society is false, for this claim is based upon the large number of stories in newspapers about violent crimes. But since violent crimes are very rare occurrences, newspapers are likely to print stories about them.

The sociologists argument is flawed because it

(A)   presupposes that most newspaper stories are about violent crime
(B)   presupposes the truth of the conclusion it is attempting to establish
(C)   assumes without warrant that the newspaper stories in question are not biased
(D)   mistakes a property of each member of a group taken as an individual for a property of the group taken as a whole
(E)   uncritically draws an inference from what has been true in the past to what will be true in the future

The answer is (B). I think in this question, the sociologist presupposed the truth of his/her conclusion because of the fact that violent crime is rare, and yet he/she connected it with the fact that newspapers print a lot of stories about them which doesn't connect. Am I right?

Re: Test 24: Section 2, Question 8 (LR)
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The problem is that the sociologist uses the statement "but since violent crimes are very rare occurances" to support his assertion that violent crimes occur infrequently. 

So I think you're correct.