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George Tenet --- don't let the door hit ya' where the good Lord split ya'

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George Tenet is finally "resigning".  I put that in quotes because we all know that it was either resign or be fired and look like a fool.  This guy has done more to screw things up and to make America look like a bunch of bumbling 7/11 clerks than...well....a bunch of 7/11 clerks.

He should go and should take more than a couple of people with him, including anyone dumb enough to have believed him.

Any thoughts on why he is just leaving now? 

I'm willing to be money that if he opens his mouth, he will bash both the Clinton and Bush administrations.  Something tells me he has some huge dirt on both of them and that is the reason why they both kept him in office.

I bet he bashes neither.  He has dirt on both administrations and both have dirt on him.  That's the way it works in high politics.


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