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lcd/plasma/hdtv advice please...

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i got selected to participate in nielsen tv ratings. they're going to pay me $600 bucks to hook a ratings box to my tv.

i'm gonna use this money to buy a new tv. what do you guys think of lcd tvs? what brands are good? or should i just go all out and get a plasma and hdtv?

i have a 21 inch LCD and love it.  but prices are falling quickly as the technology is in an early adopter phase.  i would save the money and wait if i were you.  if you have to buy now, go with a DLP, you will get more for your money.

Tobias Beecher:
I heard Sharp is good, they are the leader in LDC TV industry now.

plasma is great, but it takes up a lot of electricity. 

and if one pixel blows, it can never be fixed.

i highly recommend getting hdtv, but only if you have hdtv cable or sat.  most tvs these days are hdtv capable.  you dont need to get a tuner with it...thats definitely a couple of years away. 

getting a 16:9 tv is definitely definitely worth the money.  dvds look awesome on them.

i would suggest the samsung dlp.  best picture without the cost of plasma or lcd.  its thinner than a projection but the screen size of one with much better picture quality. 

Get a Sony LCD Projection, don't get a plasma.


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