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Cleveland-Marshall: 16% rise in tuition -- Is that normal @ other law schools?

I just got my tuition bill/financial aid letter for C-M.  There was a 16% rise in tuition from last academic year to this academic year.  Is that kind of rise same as/more than/less than at other law schools?  I just want to anticipate paying 45-or-so% more than I expected over three years.

damn. that seems like a lot. are you going to C-M next year?

are you from cleveland?

Sort of, I lived there as a kid for a few years.  Then San Diego.  Then Utah for Ugrad.  But my family moved back to Cleveland while I was in school so that's where home is now. How about you?

Born and raised in Cleveland Heights. I'm finishing my UG at CSU right now.

LOL... I went to Boulevard!  I lived on Hollister Road... small world.

wow. i went to old are you?

22... U?

25.....maybe we'll be classmates next year..