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NEED ADVICE - APPLIED TO 25 schools and no acceptances. 5 WL!!!

Originally Posted by jennsh
I need some advice from folks going through the law school application process.

Here are the facts. I have been waitlisted at 4 schools (Syracuse, Catholic- PT, New England, Suffolk-PT) and rejected from 20. I graduated undergrad at GW with a 3.4 and took the LSATs three times. I've also used private tutoring from both Princeton Review and TestMasters. My scores were 144, 148, and 148. I also have 2 graduate degrees from the Annenebrg School for COmmunication at the University of Socuthern California (3.8) and also the London School of Economics (merit)

I really want to go to Catholic becasue they have an Insitute on Communications Law. I have interned at the Federal Communications Commission and the Consumer Electroics Association. I even joined the Federal Communications Bar Association as a graduate student (they wouldn't let me at first) and I have been very involved - even got a scholarship to their annual conference here in Washington. I don't know what to do to get off the Catholic waitlist. I send updates at least every 2 weeks (about FCBA seminars I attend, volunteer events I am doing, etc) I have already gotten partners from law firms at top FCC folks to send in additioanl letters of recommendation. Catholic has writing samples from me as well. I should mention that I did apply to schools in my reach and got rejected (U of Toledo, Vermont, Depaul, etc.. Stetson- was summer waitlisted but they are going to go to the WL)

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I already applied to law school right out of college and got rejected (from all the wrong schools) so this is my 2nd try. Is it worth it to try and put off law school even more and find some miracle to take the lsats again? Please advise!! I also included in my application how I have been working in tobacco control for the past 14 years and even got the London School of Econmics to go smoke-free.

Any advice is welcome.. But don't tell me not to go to law school. I;ve already gotten that lecture from some friends. If I didn't want to go, I wouldn't be trying so hard.


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Re: NEED ADVICE - APPLIED TO 25 schools and no acceptances. 5 WL!!!
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2005, 05:34:38 PM »
Definitely don't give up.  If your heart is set on Catholic, try a visit.  Meet with the Dean of Admissions, do a tour, sit in on a class, etc.  I've heard AdComms love that stuff.  That said, you may live in CA or something, which would make it tough.  I would say keep doing what you are doing vis-a-vis the updates, focus on your strong points (GPA, grad degrees, accomplishments, etc).  Visit the schools if you can.  Don't give up.

Now that I see your name (DCjennsh20), I am guessing you live in DC.  It makes it more easy to visit.  If you've visited already, visit again.  Don't be a pest, but let them know that you are serious and committed to going there.
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Re: NEED ADVICE - APPLIED TO 25 schools and no acceptances. 5 WL!!!
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2005, 06:12:46 PM »
I did a quick search on LSN for you. It looks like folks with your approx numbers this year have gotten into
(click each school for the LSN profile):

Cooley (I mighta guessed)
Florida Coastal
N Dakota
Nova SE
St Thomas
So Texas
Texas Southern
U of DC
William Mitchell

This doesn't necessarily make you are a shoo in at any of these places. Most reasonable people could look at your impressive list of accomplishments, see past your poor LSAT, and take a chance on you. Adcoms are not reasonable people. They have more factors going into their decision making process than you can imagine, and these factors are very different for each school. Even within one school, these factors could change as the admissions cycle wears on. The sad truth of the matter is that a 148 LSAT is very bad, and LSATs are a fairly good predictor of law school success. I'm not saying that you will not be successful in law school. You could do very well indeed, but the odds are against it. Say a school accepted 100 people with 148 LSAT and 100 people with 170 LSAT. Statistics show that only 50% of those with the 148 will graduate as opposed to 100% of those with the 170. I just made those numbers up to illustrate the point. With a 148 LSAT, you could have a recommendation from GOD, and the school would still be taking a chance on accepting you.

I agree with the previous poster. Apply to low tier schools, work your ass off, prove yourself in 1L and then apply for transfer where the impact of your LSAT pales in comparison to your 1L grades.


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Re: NEED ADVICE - APPLIED TO 25 schools and no acceptances. 5 WL!!!
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2005, 06:38:37 PM »
Another thought. Do you have any documented learning disabilities like dysxelia or ADHD? I know, who doesn't? Do you have a track record of under-performance on standardized tests that doesn't correlate with performance in class? Is there anything you can do to explain the LSAT? Write an addendum.

Deloggio has some advice that you might be able to use:


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Re: NEED ADVICE - APPLIED TO 25 schools and no acceptances. 5 WL!!!
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2005, 07:52:20 PM »
Did you apply early or late? I'm finding out the hard way that applying late really hurts your applications. I've applied late for two straight years and I have yet to get an acceptance yet. And no, I did apply to schools that I had a reasonable chance of getting into. I've taken the LSAT more than 3 times, so you might want to take it again. You only need to raise get a couple more questions right to significantly raise your mark. Then again, with no acceptances under my belt, my advice may be worthless.

Re: NEED ADVICE - APPLIED TO 25 schools and no acceptances. 5 WL!!!
« Reply #5 on: May 05, 2005, 01:23:03 AM »
Out of the schools that I visited, I'd recommend that you contact Valpo's dean of admissions.  He claims NOT to be concerned with rankings.  He values graduate work.  He wants to draw an OLDER/WISER group of law students.  At least those were claims that he put forth when I met with him.

I really feel for you.  I also want to get involved with Telecommunications law.... I even landed a spot at Catholic but due to finances I had to pass on it.  I hope you can find a school in which you can "prove yourself".   

Best of Luck.