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« on: April 24, 2003, 11:34:31 AM »
I have about a 3.7 gpa at an ivy. my grades are not very consistent (some semesters w/ several b's, some w/ a c, and some w/ straight a's).  would this be held against me?

what kind of lsat should i look at to get into a top 20 school? the lsdas calculator wasnt very helpful.. just gave a long list.. i would like to know from personal experience.



Re: 3.7?
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I know from personal experiene how deeply the LSAT can affect your chances of getting admitted.  If you want the top 20, shoot for 162 and above.

I had a high GPA as well (3.75) and I majored in Computer Engineering and I scored a 159 on the LSAT, which is approximately the 80th percentile, if can remember correctly.  

I was not even accepted to a school in the top 40.  I was rejected from UC Hastings and Fordham.
Accepted to: Temple, Miami, Northeastern, St. Thomas (Full Scholarship)

I'm still waiting on UC Davis and University of San Diego.

The LSAT is weighted 4 to 5 times more heavily than the GPA....hence my current situation.  

good luck......and prepare for the LSAT......I wish I did.