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I need your help!! vote for me! (The apprentice) candidate challenge

Please click a vote for Todd Julyan

I am a law student, studying through the University of South Africa. I have been given the opportunity to take part in the Candidate challenge, which has been put together by Werksmans, One of the big five firms in Southern Africa, The winner of this challenge receives an interview with the Werksmans CEO.

The competition is loosely based on 'The apprentice', Its all about networking. People in the competition have to use family/friends/facebook/twitter or any other means to acquire votes.

I WANT YOU! to vote for me, every vote counts! The person with the most votes wins. I know with the help of you amazing people, I can win this!

Entries close on the 31 August 2010, If you could, as a part of your every day online ritual, click a vote for me. I would be eternally grateful.