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Re: Fordham
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no offense but why are you LSD, but i don't care this convo is over as far as i'm concearned


Re: Fordham
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Dude - you got into Midwest schools that will only allow you to practice in those areas.

So who cares if they are 1st or 2nd tier.  If you walk into a NYC firm from Fordham they might talk to you at least.  If you tell them you went to Minn or Wis they'll tell you to hit the streets Farmer Ted.



Re: Fordham
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Feel free to participate - just don't throw up that weak sour grapes stuff about a school that rejected you.

Be a big boy.  They rejected you - move on.  No reason to call them a ghetto school etc.

When they rejected you did they call you a hayseed or rube?

No, they just said blah blah thanks but no thanks - good luck.


Re: Fordham
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I am on LSAD because frankly I have nothing better to do with my time. I am truly amazed at how people are so quick to jump down my throat at whatever I say.  I get rejected from a school, say some bad things about the school that obviously had bad things to say about me, and then I get that I am full over myself and not worth talking to. To the person that asked why I even bother being on this board. I am sorry that I am not as valuable of a person as you are. I mean not everybody is perfect like yourself. This is a pre-law discussion board, all my comments have been relevant to pre-law issues and thus should not preclude me from participating on this board.

Sorry dude. Rejections suck -- getting frustrated is only human. But your original post came off as a bit arrogant and I think people found that offputting. It read as if you felt you were entitled to a Fordham acceptance. Nothing wrong with venting -- I think you just gave people the wrong idea.

But look at it this way: You've gotten into a couple great schools! More than what many can say...Yeah getting rejected sucks, but it's something most of us had to go through. I think you're in good company here.
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