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"Decide my Fate," Take 25845435...


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"Decide my Fate," Take 25845435...
« on: April 29, 2005, 03:21:53 PM »
Cliff's Notes version:  Deciding between UMiami and Chapman.  UMiami is all loans; Chapman is 40% scholarship (but I'll have to take out an additional private loan, with a co-signer, for living expenses).  Can't live at home for either.  Near lifelong resident of the "Greater" Los Angeles area.  Don't have any friends or relatives (or even acquaintences) in FL, but then, my friends around here seem to avoid me anyway.  Would _eventually_ like to end up living in the Central California Coast (Monterrey area), but am more than willing to pay my dues for several yeras in an area that's not ideal for me (as long as I don't get rolled, shot, or knifed.  In which case, it really doesn't matter anyway...).  Am actually considering applying for the Navy JAG program, but would have to get into much better physical (and mental, and psychological) shape before that's even remotely feasible...

Advice/ideas/opinions welcome...even from you folks salivating at the thought of getting another UM waitlist spot open... :-*