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Albany or Syracuse

Re: Albany or Syracuse
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Hey bdc -

I was born in Boston but I now live in Toronto Canada.  I considered applying to Suffolk for quite awhile but chose Syracuse instead.  The reasons for this are that I had applied to 11 US schools and 2 Canadian and I had to make a choice between my final 2 Suffolk or Syracuse.  I knew that Suffolk was 4th tier and it would be very expensive to live in Boston and also to compete with Harvard, Boston College Northeastern and Boston University for jobs coming out.  Not that Suffolk is a bad school but I thought Syracuse would be $$$ well spent if I was accepted there instead.  That was basically my reasoning.  You can definitely find  your way to Boston from Syracuse.  I would be pretty happy if I was able to do the same.

Re: Albany or Syracuse
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I have to disagree with the point about Albany being a local school.  I live in Canada and I had heard of Albany as being a school with a great reputation.  I also have a friend who's father is a Miami alumni and he told me Albany is highly respected.

There are also great benefits to the being the only law school in the state capitol of the United State's largest economy.  Just something to think about.

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Hey Louie Lawyer,

What are you doing in Toronto?  I have lived in Toronto for most of my life, and have decided to head to Syracuse in the fall.

I got into Suffolk but decided not to pursue Suffolk for the same reasons that you stated.  That being said, i don't think its soom much of a leap from Syracuse to Boston, or any other big city on the east coast.   Especially if you don't want to work in biglaw.

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You liked Syracuse?  What were your thoughts about the student body? Alumni and the aloof professors that I have read?

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I did not meet any of the students, other than the ones I met in the halls when i went to visit in February.  (For the record, they were friendly and helpful in directing me aroudn the school.)  I have not been to any admitted students days, as I have been in New Zealand for the past two months and will not get back until June.

All my contact with the admissions office has been nothing short of great, but that isn't too relevant, i realize.

I emailed a first year student (I got her email from the admitted student's website) and asked her about the profs.)  She said she has had some good ones whom she has bonded with, and there are others that she did not want to forge a relationship with.  This is a concern, but I also try to put it into perspective.  I loved my undergrad, it has some really talented faculty and has always had a strong academic reputation.  I had some great teachers, and I had some not so great.  Even with the great ones, I had to be the one 'making the move' so to speak. 

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BeesKnees -

Do you want to eventually work in NY or the NE?

I am really struggling with where to go to be honest. It is irritating me.

I'll see..I am planning on visiting Syracuse let's see how it goes.


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Hey beesknees-

My Dad's job transferred us to Toronto when I was younger and I have lived up here for 15 years.  I am excited to visit Syracuse but I am also pretty loyal to Albany.  Did you apply to Albany too?

What is making you come to the United States for law school?