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Study abroad grade conversion question.

Study abroad grade conversion question.
« on: April 26, 2005, 03:24:38 PM »
Hello everyone!

I am doing study abroad for the whole of next year, and the grades from that program (the university uses a 1-20 scale) will be converted to SATISFACTORY/ UNSATISFACTORY credits on my home school transcript.
Will I have to send LSAC the original transcript from the program, or will my home school transcript do?

Thank you very much for all your help in advance.


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Re: Study abroad grade conversion question.
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2005, 03:52:51 PM »
If your grades, course titles, and units will all be on your home transcript, that should do.

I studied abroad through my university, which received and "translated" my grades, course titles, and unit amounts directly from my host university.  As such, all my abroad grades were on my US university transcript, and I had no reason to include a foreign one.

On the other hand, if I had gone through a private program, I would have had to request a transcript from my host university and petition the credit.  So if you're going through your home university's own program, ask them if your grades and course info (title, units etc.) will for sure be on your transcript from them.  In that case, don't worry about it.

If you're going through a private program (or any program where your home university will require you to petition credit for your courses instead of doing all the translating and transferring for you), ask your home university how that credit will be reported on your home transcript. What will it look like?

If they tell you that you will get subject credit only, or unit credit under the general title of "work completed at SCHOOL X" without detailing individual course titles, unit values etc, I think you'd need to submit the foreign transcript as well... Ask LSAC to be sure.

Like I said, in my case, I didn't need to submit a foreign transcript because all the details of my courses were on my home transcript (it almost looks like I took them here, except for it says at the top of the semester "Study Abroad Spring 2002" etc.).  So if that's your case, you should be good to go.  But you'll need to verify that all that info will be there, detailed out, instead of just lumped together as general "credit allowed".  Because if not, while the university may give you credit toward graduation for all the courses you took, the names of them and unit amounts won't be included, and LSAC will want to see them...
Hope this helps...