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I am hoping to go to Baltimore next fall if they accept me off thier priority wait list, but i was wondering if anyone is familiar with the type of reputation the school has in that area? 

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Are you talking about University of Baltimore?
If so, they produce mostly part-time law students. They are not very highly ranked but I think in Baltimore area you can still manage to find a job through alumi network. I think their law school campus is right next to Penn Train Station. The area is not too bad..close to Mount Vernon.

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They have a good reputation around the Baltimore area and they are okay for the rest of Maryland.  If you do reasonable well you won't have a tough time getting a job if you stay in the area.

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A lot of prosecuters and Judges come out of Baltimore.   Good rep in Maryland.  Located a few miles from UMD.

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Thanks for all the advice, i was also wondering if anyone knows anything about tehier priority waitlist, and what my chances maybe of being accepted off it?

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I do not know your numbers but my guess is that your chances are good.   I was accepted in early March but University of Maryland is my first choice (on the WL).  I plan to practice law in Maryland and will be happy to attend Ubalt but prefer to attend UMD.  I do not think I am alone.  So after WL decisions for other schools come in some people will be pulling out of Ubalt.   Send a letter of continued interest and visit if you have not already.   The Dean and Admissions director are very friendly.  Good luck. 


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I am gonna go crazy soon with this incessent waiting! 

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I was accepted to Baltimore FT program.  I am going to withdraw.  Best of luck.


Everyone Else -

I don't understand all of this hull-a-ba-loo about the ranking.  U of B #'s look pretty good - acceptance/gpa - and their programs look attractive as well. According to US News - they accepted only 31% this year.

Can Anyone enlighten me?

I don't understand why it is in US News 4th Tier? 

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Yeah i don't actually understand how all of that works far as I can tell it seems like a decently good law school, specially regionally.  I am kind of interested in moving to chicago however after Law School, so tha tmight be a little more difficult...