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Many transfers

Many transfers
« on: April 25, 2005, 07:24:32 PM »
Currently I have a 3.6 with approx 95 credits, and will be taking the LSAT's in October.  Prior to this, I attended 3 other schools - I was fin. independant, and kept trying over and over to find balance.  My grades combined from the previous schools leave me with a 2.9 (I unofficially withdrew).  Not sure how to explain my circumstances - I've worked so hard for my GPA now that I can't believe it means nothing.  Any advice?  Also, my transcripts at the college I now attend only show two of the schools.  The third is not mentioned at all, and it has the lowest grades.  Since the credits are not being counted towards my degree (not transferred at all), do they still have to be admitted?  I don't want to be in violation of any ethical standards.  Thanks for any advice.


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You have to submit transcripts from any college you've ever attended or received credit from.


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Lane's right.

You have to submit them - regardless of whether they went towards your degree.

A 2.9 will put you at a serious disadvantage - you might consider taking some classes at a local college to get the GPA up to like a 3.1.

That is only a .2 diff., but drags you across a border.


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USE your personal statement to explain this. Don't worry about your GPA, it could only keep you from going to a big name school (most of which don't have anything to offer BUT their name, a ridiculous price tag and the potential for a really big paycheck). They just want to see that you are a hard worker.

I am constantly worrying about my GPA but I'm not going to let it get in the way of my going to a solid law school where I am happy studying the law in the way I want to study it. You've come this far, (it sounds like you've) overcome adversity, and proven that you're worth a 3.6, or more!

Now, if you're looking to be an extremely high-paid attorney then you may want to disregard what I've said; but, on the other hand, if you are really passionate about studying law then don't let the fact of not getting into a name school slow you down.

You haven't done all of that work for nothing so let your personal statement, LSAT scores and continuing progress dictate where you go to school.

Shoooooo'  :P


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This was a month ago. That person's probably dead by now.


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Re: Many transfers
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Quote from: sbrownla link=topic=32328.msg541556#msg541556 date=11164455[quote

Actually, don't use your PS for this. I have a low GPA also. Since you are still in school, I highly recommend getting a 4.0 or as close as possible these last two semesters. Besides that, you can look at my mistakes/success in this thread,33427.0.html

Re: Many transfers
« Reply #6 on: May 27, 2005, 10:38:42 AM »
I have almost an identical situation....I went to two schools... the first is a 2.6 and the second is a 3.8.  I have two semester left to get myself across the 3.0 border and I'll probably write an addendum though I really have no fact, once I started working full time and switched to night classes my GPA was never below a 3.3 (one semester of a 3.3) and stays around 3.75.  Can I write I was stupid from 1997-2000 :)  ;)