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OK... so last weekend i visited SUNY Buffalo and fell in love, but today I found out that I got into UConn!!! This has been my dream school since forever...  totatally confused on what to do.  I loved Buffalo but UConn is .. UConn.  I'm going away this weekend to visit a friend in Chicago otherwise I would go to UConn now, but I will be visiting UConn next weekend.

what to do?

Re: UConn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lordy Lord Lord...go to UConn!

UConn is a better school, a beautiful school, a school that's more accessible (um...unless you're from upstate, too), and a school that's way way WAY more employable.  I don't know anything about Buffalo Law....but you probably won't have a better time than at UConn!

Go UConn!

Re: UConn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I second that!