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Anyone else out there taking the October LSAT after cancelling their June score?  What are you doing different this time?

I am.  I think I was just having a bad day in June.  I cancelled my score before leaving the test room.  I'm not too worried this time because I was already feeling prepared and now I've had four extra months are studying (not that I studied THAT much).

How far in advance do you recommend studying for the LSAT?

I studied for 3 months for the June LSAT... but the last month I was doing it SERIOUSLY!!!  I wasted some time deciding what to do after grad in Dec '00... and my parents WANT me to go to grad school!  I ONLY GOT A 143 IN JUNE!!!  I'm gonna do it again in Oct. too.  Good luck all!

Law school is very hard, and I don't think you should waste three years of your life just to please your parents.  Also, if you don't prepare seriously for the LSAT you are not going to score any better next time, and not many law schools will admit you with a score of 143.  Maybe you should try to figure out what you really want to do with your life instead of jumping into this lawschool thing.  Anyway, while you are waiting to figure it out, get a job if you don't already have one.  If you are working and taking care of your needs, I think your parents will think twice about telling you what to do.  Whatever you decide, hope it works out for you!


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