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You've GOT to be kidding me - PLEASE help me on this (IU full ride vs. UCLA)

I was all set to go to UCLA, I accepted their offer of admission and was perfectly happy about it.  IU had told me yesterday that I was selected as a Jump Scholar on top of my merit $, but that I could not have in-state residency like I thought.  Well, come to find out that today they changed their mind, and that I will have a full ride PLUS a stipend.  UCLA did not offer me merit $, but did give me $6,000 in grant money, the rest I would have to cover in loans.

I am interested in entertainment law, as it is my background and what I've always been interested in.  IU claims that they have a program, but I don't know how I feel about it. I'm not jazzed about living in Bloomington, but I grew up in Indy and my SO is there right now.  He and I are planning on moving to LA together, but this changes everything.  Thoughts?  HELP!!!  This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make.


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Who am I to give advice? But these are my thoughts.
Nowhere better than LA for entertainment law. Surely that is just perfect. And you're in at LA's best law school.
You say you don't want to return to Bloomington. Would you want to live there? I know your SO is there, but were you guys planning on staying?
Because if not, UCLA is the clear choice imo. You'd have a fantastic career in LA, you're excited about living there... this shouldn't hold you back.
If you want to live in Bloomington/area then it's a different story. But I don't think a degree from there would serve yo particularly well in LA, or in the major markets for your field.
Good luck deciding!

If you want to find something in entertainment law, definitely go to UCLA.  From the little I've heard about that area of the law, you really need to be in LA (or NYC) to even have a shot at any work.  There aren't really too many better options for that field than UCLA, and  I have a hard time believing that a school in the middle of nowhere Indiana can really open up any doors for you in that area.

That being said, if you aren't so sure about entertainment law, or living in California, or if you are considering public interest work, it could make sense to look at IU.


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UCLA, next. Seriously, go to UCLA for entertainment law.


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You're absolutely going to want/need the connections you will make in LA.  UCLA without a doubt.

Thanks you guys, I really appreciate the responses.  I am sort of thinking that as well, but IU really threw me for a loop this morning with their offer.  The dean even called my cell phone!  I'm going to sleep on it and then make a decision, but I think I know how this is going to end.   :)

Seriously, you'd have to be functionally retarded to choose IU-B over UCLA for entertainment law.  In fact, the ONLY time I would choose IU-B over UCLA, regardless of focus area, is if you are comfortable living in Indianapolis for the rest of your career (or MAYBE Chicago, but probably with a pay cut). 

Enjoy LA.


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If you are truly planning on entertainment law, you have to go to UCLA.


Were you at UCLA admitted day?  The dean was talking about how they'll be starting a specific concentration in entertainment law next year... anyway I am just going to echo everyone and say go to UCLA.

Yeah, I was there too and really liked what they had to say about it.  I emailed Russell Robinson to get a little better perspective on the program, I'm waiting for him to get back to me.

Thanks again everyone, it's nice to know that I'm not totally nuts for still wanting to go to UCLA, but I'm not going to make a final decision without sleeping on it.   :)