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Any Advice for my sister who eventually wants to go to law school?

Hi.  So I was wondering if anyone on the board had generally good advice about this situation. Please no jerky comments cause my younger sister is really down and I want to help her.  She is a senior in college government major.  She has always wanted to go to law school since she was a kid and planned on applying for this year.  However, something happened in the fall that realy upset her.  She was supposed to take the Oct Lsat and cancled it and took them in Dec... but she was still really going through a rough time and did awful (138).  Therefore she did not end up applying to law schools cause she was so upset at that score she was scared to take them this year again. She thought she'd await two years or so and retake them and meanwhile get a job as a paralegal in a NYC or DC law firm where they hlep you get into law school. Anyway, she has gotten rejected from alot of these jobs so far so she wants to look into other options. Anyone have any ideas?  She wouldn't mind doing something in government in DC either as a job after college. Anyone know how to go about that?  Are there any law post-bac programs? I looked on the web and saw one at Hamline, but I don' tknow if that's that best option.  Any9one have any advice?? I feel so bad since I'm the one ending up going to law school next year. 


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Re: Any Advice for my sister who eventually wants to go to law school?
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2005, 04:29:01 PM »
I am really sorry to hear about your sister's situation, but I beleive she still has options. I think her plan of taking a couple of years off to work  is a great idea. You mentioned she's been rejected so far for paralegal type jobs - does she have any previous work experience? She can keep trying while also looking into other options - she may need to start at an entry level job and try to work her way up over the next couple of years. She can retake the LSAT,  take a prepcourse to help improve her score and boost her confidence, and also look into schools that take the higher lsat score, I think there are some threads on here that list schools that will take the high score. I don't know much about getting gov't jobs in DC, hopefully others can help with that.  Best of luck to her  :)