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Your Fav Commercial Right Now (Or Ever)

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I think I'm such a dork for crackin up everytime this commercial comes on, mainly because everyone I've talked to thus far fails to see the humor..
Alright, I dunno if it's Wendy's or Burger King, but in this commercial co-workers are passing out burgers on their lunch or whatever.  Then this short white guy gets the spicy one and goes.. "I'mmmm Spic-ay!"  And they all look at him like he's stupidand one dude is like, "what was that?" and lil white dude goes "my catchphrase" and then the other dude was like "you can't make up your own catchphrase.. wait try again." so lil white dude tries again and says "I'mmmmm Spic-ay!!" and the other dude thinks and is like.. "no, it's not working."  I'm always in like tears laughing by the time it's over.  Tell me I'm not alone!  LoL.. not that I care because that *&^% is fun-ny.

Those Bud commercials from the last 90s. WHASSSSSSSSSSUP!!!!!! 

ANd any Michael Jordan commercial.  The one I liked was when he says he failed over and over, and thats' why he succeeds.

His gatorade commercials were very inspirational as well.

has anyone ever seen the korean ramen commercial? 

thats the most hilarious *&^% ive seen...


--- Quote from: dsong02 on May 28, 2004, 11:25:05 AM ---has anyone ever seen the korean ramen commercial? 

thats the most hilarious *&^% ive seen...

--- End quote ---

The one where it looks liek she's giving a blow job?

I like the commercials where they have a giant metamucil capsule and the guy is trying to cram all this grass/hay ("fiber") stuff into it.

Also in the Boston area they have a store called Jordan's Furniture that does great parodies of different types of national commercials. You know the ones they had where someone would mishear something on a cell phone and flour the children or something? They did a parody of that where the guy said "She was going to the record store so I asked her to pick up some rockin' tunes(or something) and a Zepplin set." "I thought he said, pick up the mattress dudes and a bedroom set." "We really like the bedroom set, but could we return the...dudes?"

Maybe you have to see it to understand, but it was hilarious.


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